The Yellow River originates from the northern foot of the Bayan Kara Mountains, and runs through the two major water supply lakes, Zaling Lake and Eling Lake, to the lower reaches. \"Eling Lake outlet cut off 8 km, water output is only cubic meters per second.\" In 1999, the news that the Yellow River was cut off at its source shocked the nation. In the early summer of the year, the newspaper's \"walking the Yellow River\" interview group traced back from the mouth of the Yellow River into the sea, a long journey of 34 days, witnessed the Yellow River into the sea, the source river bed exposed, and so on, sent back dozens of reports.


20 years later in the late autumn, the newspaper's \"2019 walk the Yellow River \"interview group to climb the Maduo County,4610 meters above sea level of the Taubei, the Yellow River source. Baling, e-ling \"sister lake\" bibo mighty, hawks hit the sky, wild donkeys to chase, ten thousand kinds of frost free.


The Yellow River is clear and the protectors are fighting. \"River officials\" carry the mission, explore the path of protection, the source herdsmen transformation of ecological managers, sand control people as green Tenggri desert, Daqingshan mountain diggers feed mother river, green the Great Wall to \"bank \",\" Jedi\" to do live water articles.


For 18 days,4,000 kilometers, interviews in the upper reaches of the Yellow River covered 24 counties (districts and banners) in 16 cities and states in Qinghai, Sichuan, Gansu, Ningxia and Inner Mongolia. After 20 years of walking again, the reporter deeply realized that \"let the Yellow River become a river of happiness for the benefit of the people\" has become a consensus.


On September 18,2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed at the forum on ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin that the management of the Yellow River should focus on protection and be managed.


Warm, neat felt room, his wife cooked hot milk tea, rubbed barley noodles, for him to drive away the cold. The happiness of the small days, let erjieren feel particularly comfortable.


Carrying family expenses, pulling a wife and daughter, and generations of pastoral identity farewell. "The grass was gnawed away by sheep and gerbils, the meadow became a black plain, the dust storm was fiercer than the knife, and the snow-covered green hills had been picked by'the snow hat '……”


After years as a township official, he knew the mountains and rivers of Mado: the great lakes and small moors of Heyuan were like the stars in the sky; in the 1980s, Mado, with a population of less than 10,000, surged millions of cattle and sheep, and gave him the title of \"richest county\" for a while because of herdsmen's per capita income.


Ecological overdraft, although the speed of development, but nature's revenge also came quickly:70% of the grassland degradation, the Yellow River source area from the previous millimetres of precipitation plummeted to the millimeter in 2003, the number of lakes from 4077 to 1800.


One drop, one drop, one drop... The three rivers are white all over the sky, and the crystal-clear glaciers glow with magical blue light. Ice drops of snow, gurgling into a stream, and the stream into a small river, all the way to the east flow.


Set up a tent in front of the glacier overnight, Qinghai man Li Xiaonan listened to the sound of the trickle down, forget the altitude, forget the headache, the heart is full of awe, that is the source of the great river incomparable clarity ah!


In 2005, he was transferred to the office of the leading group for ecological conservation and construction of Sanjiangyuan in Qinghai Province, an emergency new institution, as full-time deputy director. The state started the first phase of the Sanjiangyuan ecological protection and construction project, and the emergency protection of the \"China Water Tower\" began.


“All degraded pastures are forbidden, accounting for three quarters of the county." Ten years ago, qu yang, then deputy township governor of the huanghe township, let people experience the great migration of heyuan," has moved 585 families 2334 people, half herdsmen away from home."


“ten accounts five empty ", er Jie Renzeng people's" river source records "full of helplessness. The conflict between man and nature, development and conservation is written on the development parabola of Mado's ups and downs.


The first phase of the project, difficult in the \"point wide range of projects miscellaneous \": point many, covering 4 states 17 counties and cities, how to co-ordinate? A wide range, involving development and reform, forestry, agriculture, animal husbandry, environmental protection and other offices, how to coordinate? miscellaneous projects, grazing back grass, soil and water conservation and other 22 projects 1041 sub-projects, who will implement?


The “sanjiang office plays the role of" general contracting ". When the first phase of the project was completed in 2015, the grass production of all kinds of grassland in Sanjiangyuan increased by 30%, and the amount of water resources increased by nearly 8 billion cubic meters, equivalent to 560 West Lake!


At the end of 2015, the pilot scheme for the reform of the Sanjiangyuan National Park system was approved. Reform concept in the same vein: set up a national park, let a brand to the end.


Quyang has also adapted to his new role as director of the resources and environmental law enforcement bureau of the Yellow River Park Management Committee. \"County forest public security, environmental law enforcement, land law enforcement, fisheries administration law enforcement, grassland supervision and other integration into a joint effort.


Paying off the whip,2,559 herders, including erjeren, became ecological wardens. \"Sister Lake\" familiar with a tree, he must strictly monitor, but also strictly guard against poaching. His mobile phone photography level is getting higher and higher,\" shot a lot of Tibetan wildebeest, wild donkey, wild goose!\"


Ecological warden WeChat group uploaded a long-unappeared snow leopard photo, Li Xiaonan do not know how many people have shown to share. Snow leopard, grizzly bear sometimes go to herdsmen's house to steal mouth, hurt cattle and sheep, herdsmen are also considerate,\" that is the state to protect animals, gold expensive!\"


Tang Ximing picked up the word \"dry\" pestle, a firm demonstration of his invention of \"afforestation artifact.\" \"With the bottom slot stuck in the root of the lime, hand on the crossbar, foot on the crossbar, a pestle into the sand, a tree is planted. He grinned.


Let's try it, reporter. Seconds. It's easier to dig a hole in the sand with a shovel than to plant it; the lower bar can be used as a ruler to make sure the saplings go deep into the wet sand.


Foot \"dry\" word pestle, sand dune on the Tang Ximing like a continuous, buried, dry Caragana. Now, he has been the deputy director of the sand control forest farm in Zhongwei City, the size of an official, but black and thin appearance, how to look like a farmer.


You grow Caragana, I plant red willow. In the first bend of the Yellow River, the Yellow River, where water and fertilizer are abundant, people and sand have now entered a \"tug-of-war \". But five years ago, the local people also exclaims:\" no longer cure quicksand, in the future can only put camel!\"


Liu Haijin, a staff member of the Forestry and Grassland Bureau of Ruoergai County, confidently showed reporters the \"ecological tactics \": lay down willow piles, use wicker to make grid guardrails, stop the flow of sand dunes, apply organic fertilizer, sprinkle grass seeds, and implant red willow seedlings.


Old classmate is worthless for him:\" more than 30 years, from a scholar to fight out a building, to repair the old mine, throw?\" Even a pair of children studying abroad were called back to Baotou, Inner Mongolia by Ding Mao.


Into the basket paving treatment area, the vision is a thin rock mountain, the size of the pit. \"Since the 1950s, Daqingshan has become a stone base for urban construction, and villagers make a living quarrying and gravel. Xu Maohua, deputy head of Castle Peak District in Baotou City, pointed to a \"five-fingered mountain\" that was \"skinny\" when it was blown up.


Within the governance area, dozens of large machinery roar. The ecological restoration of the mine is a bottomless pit of burning money. Firm enterprise investment confidence, is the government's governance determination and vigorous guidance. Since the 19th National Congress of the Party, Qingshan District has fully started the environmental treatment and ecological restoration project of the South Slope of Daqingshan, clearing up 100 illegal industrial and mining enterprises. \"Only the basket paving area, on the 17 quarry gravel enterprises zero.\" Xu Maohua's tone was firm.


\"From the wetlands along the Yellow Xiaobai River to the reservoirs reconstructed from the old pits at the foot of the mountain,13 water towers were pumped up to convert the abandoned pits into 30 cisterns to solve the problem of water supply and landscape. \"Xu Maohua pulled up three fingers,\" good use of the Yellow River water, the existence of water in the sky, to retain surface water. \".


The restoration works employed tens of thousands of people to help villagers along the mountain to increase their income of 31.7 million yuan,\" mountain diggers \"into\" mountain repairers \". The restoration project of the south slope of Daqingshan has completed the treatment of 6 square kilometers of dangerous rock mass in the mine pit, planted ten thousand mu of artificial afforestation and planted 6.65 million seedlings. Recent meteorological monitoring shows that local annual precipitation increases by 30 to 40 mm.


The mountain river governs, far from the day's work. While smashing money to repair the mountain, while financing fish, ding mao has expectations,\" i am a good \"mountain repair workers \", revenue and look at the next generation.\"


The first Yellow River water truck was born 464 years ago. 16 meters in diameter,30 double row spokes, more than 400 wooden parts, more than 60 craftsmen made and installed three months, a large water truck can irrigate 400 mu of good farmland... When new china was founded, lanzhou still had more than 250 water trucks.


Gaoxia pinghu, qinghai longyangxia hydropower station. In late October 2019, the upstream water was plentiful, the spillway gushed out of nearly 100 meters high waves, and the rainbow flew over the top.


The maximum dam is 178 meters high, with an average annual power generation capacity of 6 billion kilowatt-hours and a storage capacity of 24.7 billion cubic meters... From 1976 to 1987,100,000 large-scale military personnel drew shoulders and built a \"leader\" representing the highest level of hydropower projects in China at that time. Besides generating electricity, it can also guarantee irrigation, flood control and water supply in the downstream provinces along the Yellow River.


\"Hey, touch this unit, it's 58! \"At the Yanguoxia Hydropower Station in Gansu Province, Yehaiting, deputy chief engineer of the upstream hydropower development company of the Yellow River, introduced his\" old brother \"to reporters, the first large power station to generate electricity in the main stream of the Yellow River.


From Lijiaxia, Gongboxia, to Laxiwa, Qingtongxia, Yehaiting turned most of his life in the upper reaches of the Yellow River cascade hydropower stations. \"Build a power station when you are young, get water from the Yellow River and wash your face and brush your teeth overnight. The biggest headache is the spring flood.


Now, the upper reaches of the Yellow River more than 20\" pearl \"into a chain, the formation of sand. He couldn't help but be proud.\" If it weren't for the reservoir, he would have to drink muddy waters in the south of the Yangtze River and across the river.\"


Walking into the \"brain\" control room of the hydropower station and running safely under the \"6765 days \"display, the two values are manipulating the complex system. There used to be 15 people in this room, just two now. Having experienced a huge change in the technical level of hydropower stations from low to high, from dependence on imports to independent design, mr. yating said \"the equipment will be automated and maintenance-free and young people will no longer have to chase the power station as hard as I did.\"


50 kilometers west of the hydropower station, a bright photovoltaic \"blue sea \", the scale is shocking. \"The installed capacity of 850,000 kilowatts, all connected to the grid in 2015, can be called the\" virtual hydropower unit \"of Longyangxia Hydropower Station. Li Ju, deputy general manager of the photovoltaic inspection company of the upstream hydropower development company of the Yellow River, is proud that \"this technology can adjust the original random, fluctuating and intermittent photovoltaic power to a balanced, high-quality and safe stable power supply and send it to the grid.\"


Water light complementary, two win-win: Longyangxia water light complementary photovoltaic power station a year to generate 100 million kilowatts, equivalent to a quarter of the power generation of Longyangxia hydropower station, hydropower station peak frequency modulation performance increased by about 30%.


On the banks of the Yellow River in Lanzhou, the statue of \"Mother of the Yellow River\" is veiled. Two old men, one looking at the drawings, one holding the knife. He e, an 82-year-old designer, is working with an old craftsman to renovate the sculpture, which they co-built 34 years ago.


With the help of his family,83-year-old Wang Hengxing told reporters the origin of Lin: the former coal boss, guilty of digging coal to tear up too many \"scars \", vowed to\" plant trees to pay the earth debt,\" over the years the ancient rare registered ecological company, since 2009 afforestation, planting 4300 mu \"green wall.\"


Unexpectedly, the ecological dividend overflows exponentially. In 2013,1413 families and 7211 farmers in the Xihaigu area of Ningxia,\" bitter barrenness is the best in the world \", moved to Miaomiao Lake next to the new oasis. Over the years, the village's green rate exceeded 37%, relying on organic agriculture, the villagers pocketed up.


A fashionable dress of tiger apple, shed vegetables earn money. She said with a smile, now are wearing online shopping \"fashionable goods.\" Talking about the bitter days of no access to the mountains, no electricity and no water, she was glad to \"come down \".


The villagers of the tiger apple, also rely on the sandy vegetable shed to plant and pick the poor hat. Water less, relying on water-saving drip irrigation,2075 mu watermelon melon exported to Guangzhou, Hong Kong. The village-wide poverty rate has plummeted from% to%.


Once upon a time on the mountain, the sun was too lazy to go out. Now at dawn, the temple lake \"live \", go to the vegetable shed\" work \", go to sewing workshop to catch the online work.


“We give priority to the use of 100 km of external calls and Hotter's reclaimed water, with more than 20,000 tons digested per day. After the end is treated, it is sold to the downstream salt chemical enterprises to ensure zero discharge of sewage. "Water treatment facilities alone cost 1.2 billion yuan, or 10% of the total investment," Wang said.


On the north bank of the big river, the loess high slope of the mountains and knolls retains a 20-hole earth kiln cave, and under the slope is a lively imitation kiln cave Nongjiale. The end of the upper reaches of the Yellow River is illustrated in Haojiayao Village, which has been appraised as a \"beautiful leisure village in China \".


Rare beach, per capita one mu of farmland, crops do not beat grain, Haojiayao village 20 years ago is the development of Tokto County poor tail. The brain-filled Hao Zhengping served as secretary of the village party branch to promote rural tourism in the Yellow River, generating an annual income of more than 50 million yuan.